The second wave truly couldn’t have chosen a worse time! It’s the festive season and all we want to do is party after party. However, we need to stay home to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Here are some of our favourite drama, action, comedy and thriller filled Netflix shows that you can indulge in to make your festive season just a little bit easier.

We give you Crime & Action – Kings of Jo’Burg

This 6-episode crime action series focuses on family, conflict, power and crime in the beautiful streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. The show is filled with emotion, mystery and thrill which will keep you glued to your screen. If you love action then this series is definitely a must-watch for you! Check out the trailer below.

We give you Thriller with Ratched

This thrilling Netflix series is about a nurse, Mildred Ratched, who begins working at a psychiatric hospital. She is the perfect nurse, stylish, determined, experienced, quick thinking and calculating. But, the darkness in her slowly starts to show itself as the show progresses.

Moesha – an All-Black, Drama and Comedy Filled Sitcom

Moesha is about a 16-year-old girl who lives with her family who is recently allowed to date. She navigates misogyny, boys, school and friendships, the usual stuff that teenagers go through. Why should you watch it? It’s relatable, even more relatable than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and we are all for that! Besides, we love to see a black cast, with a female lead and navigating black issues. If you haven’t added it to your list yet, you should. Here are some of the shows best moments.

New Girl – Dramatic, Hilarious and Romantic

If you haven’t watched New Girl before 2020, you need to open your Netflix NOW because you’re embarrassingly late! Although new to Netflix, this fun-filled 7-season series is about Jess, a middle school teacher who moves into a loft with 3 men, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and later Coach. They navigate relationships, house rules and chores, partying, jobs and major life changes together as a family. We promise you’ll love it!

That’s all, folks! Remember to stay home, wash your hands and sanitize. Groove isn’t worth endangering yourself and your loved ones. Stay home, stay safe.

See you all next year!

Mehafo Amunyela

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December 2020