Welcome to the Kalahari Desert

With so much going on in the world, a break from our daily routines is highly recommended. Our journey as we discover Namibia takes us to the Kalahari Desert.

The Kalahari Desert is one of the oldest Deserts in the world, it has been in existence for over 55 million years. It is well-known for its soft, red sand dunes. As we travel to the Kalahari Desert we visit Kalahari-Anib Lodge in southern Namibia, a lodge located close to a small town in Hardap Region. Our discovering Namibia journey takes us on a camping experience this time around!

Camping is an affordable and adventurous form of accommodation. It entails getting closely in touch with nature. However, we will not be camping the “traditional way” (which entails taking along your own camping equipment), we are going Glamping! Glamping is a form of camping which involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with “traditional camping”.

The “Glamping” Concept

Glamping is a new form of travel introduced to the Namibian market.  This type of accommodation is offered in various destinations in Namibia, one of which is the Gondwana Collections Kalahari Anib Camping2Go.

The “Camping2Go” Concept

Camping2Go is a wonderful option which offers accommodation in a luxury tent fully equipped with bedding, a bathroom, cutlery and crockery on a self-catering basis. As opposed to the traditional way of camping, Camping2Go allows you to enjoy the camping experience with less the hassle giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors!

Kalahari Anib Lodge Camping2Go has a total of 4 permanent tents set up close to Kalahari Anib Lodge. Each of the tents is equipped with 4 beds, each with an en-suite bathroom and a shower. The fully kitted kitchen includes a fridge, stove, sink and all the necessary cooking utensils and cutlery on the outside terrace. It is a hassle-free and very convenient way of being immersed in nature. Each tent has its own outside braai as well as a firepit for a lekker braai and bonfire out in the open nature!

Campers are allowed to make use of the facilities at Kalahari Anib Lodge, such as: treating themselves to tasty meals at the restaurant, taking a dip in one of the pools or partaking in offered lodge activities.

Things to do:

  • Sundowner / Nature Drives
  • Self-guided Hiking Trails
  • Self-guided E-Biking
  • Guided Dune Walks
  • Morning Nature Drives for Families

Camping2Go Rates

Rates are charged on a “per person” basis. This means that every individual sleeping in the room pays, the rate is not converted to a โ€œper roomโ€ basis. The rate charged for the Camping2Go Luxury Tent is N$620 per person per night on a self-catering basis and N$310 per person per night on a self-catering basis with the Gondwana Card discount.

A Gondwana Cardholder receives a 50% discount on accommodation, 25% discount on activities and 25% on meals. The Gondwana card costs N$300 per person and is valid for 5-years. The discount applies every time a booking is made for a stay at any Gondwana property.

How to apply for a Gondwana Card: All you need is N$300 and a copy of your ID (the ID copy does not need to be certified).

For more information on the Gondwana Card, click here.

The Camping2Go is is a fun and convenient form of accommodation – camping has never been this easy! The ease to pack-up and leave has been made simpler, convenient and affordable. Go out there and have a little fun in nature!

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