The end is within sight

Shuu, it’s December already. If it wasn’t for Covid-19, we would still be in May. This year has been unpredictable. We’re just glad it’s finally coming to an end. Tough times truly do not last.

As we prepare to round off the year, let us keep honouring and appreciating our loved ones that are still breathing amongst us. So many people have lost loved ones – it would make a difference if we made the most out of the time we still have.

Like most things, this was also a lesson

If this year has taught us anything, it is that we should live. Life has been so precious and close to the edge of the cliff this past year. It can literally end in a blink. We owe it to ourselves and others to truly make our lives memorable in the best way possible. Perhaps we reconcile or cleanse bad blood that’s between us and people we know. It is truly terrifying that we don’t know when our last memory with somebody is going to be.

Not wanting to dwell on the past, we just want to remind everyone to take care of themselves and keep an eye out for each other during the festive season. This also goes out to the drivers this holiday; you’re in charge of all the lives in your vehicle. So, no pressure, hey.

Warm remarks

We would like to wish our readers a safe and healthy December. We want to thank you all, new and old, for your continuous support and motivation to keep writing. We hope that you get to enjoy the holiday with the people that are still close to you. Let’s spread kindness in the streets and serve one another as we close this chapter. Remember, Covid-19 is still strolling among us, so make sure you get your health covered.

We will continue to publish during this time, we’re not going anywhere!

Gina Kandanga

Hey, it's Gina Kandanga. I'm 20 years old and I'm a UNAM Science student.

I write, edit, daydream and eat -- in that order. Favourite place is Wattpad, next one is being in the woods and running after my thoughts.

I enjoy daydreaming to the point where I am too busy thinking up a plot that I cannot jot it down. I also enjoy bread🥺

Thank you for reading what was on my mind, lol! Follow me on IG if you want: ginakandanga

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December 2020