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Unpopular opinion, dates are special occasions, hence we have to dress for them accordingly. Here’s some outfit ideas for the guys on how you can do just that this summer.

1: Shorts Please!

Leave boring old long denims and opt for shorts this summer instead. Why not show off the results of your leg day like Namibia’s very own Adriano in this all white assemble. Shorts are ideal for picnic dates, great for casual lunch dates or for vacation getaways with bae or whoever honestly. Show a little skin, don’t be shy.

Photo sourced from Instagram @adriano.visagie

2: The Statement Satin Shirt

Satin in this Namibian heat you say? Hear me out. Satin for a dinner date, no sun, no sweat, just pure lux and sleek vibes. I know I’d love to see my date sitting across from me dripped in satin or silk, paired with tailored formal pants or denims. Accessorised with minimal, tantalizing jewelry pieces for some character to the look, such as a dainty chain, matching watch and a ring or couple. I’m going to say it, every man should own a satin/silk shirt or two, its a necessity, period.

Photo sourced from Instagram @quiten_a_

3: Summer One-piece

Now this is not something I have seen much of and I love how DJ Castro is rocking this Romper by Majesty designer & stylist Miles Meroro with some GweriVintage socks. So easy to style because the Romper is a whole complete outfit on its own. Very summer appropriate date look.

Photo sourced from Instagram @miles_meroro

4: Summer print Hawaiian style shirt

Can anything scream summer more than a hawaiian shirt? Look at our favourites , Albert, Tala, Kundzai & Kennedy serving us this so summer appropriate look. They bagged summer already in these!

Photo sourced from Instagram @kennedyamadhila

5: Casual Fridays

As in the corporate culture of casual Fridays. Formal work shirt on top and casual denims at the bottom. It is simple. Appropriate for the more sophisticated dressed guy. Viku Maendo always knows how to pull of formal looks.

Photo sourced from Instagram @mr_maendo

6: Summer Suit

It’s your typical tailored suit but rather with bright or lighter summer tones with shorter sleeves and/or mid-length or shorter pants. I appreciate how Yannick paired his with trainers and a white tee.

Photo sourced from Instagram @yannick_konan

7: Co-ord

Coordination. Match the top to the bottom, that should be easy right? Step out of your comfort zone by incorporating bright colours and prints like @sadiqdesh has over here. His caption says it all.

Photo sourced from Instagram @sadiqdesh

8: Decked out

Decked out in brands that is. If you are with it and you got it then why not pull up like that on a date. Maybe your date loves to rock out in branded items too. Aww, that would make for some dope couples pics (look at my priorities, lol). Browse through Charles’ athleisure looks on his instagram, trust me you won’t come up disappointed. #nostylist

Photo sourced from Instagram @charles.wolf

9: All Denim

Personally, I do not think this classic should ever die out. It’s easy to style and to make into your own. Anybody can pull it off. You can opt for a look with short sleeves or shorts or even a one piece or a different shade of denim, i.e. pink, tie dyed or even embroidered. It’s easy to make this classic your own.

Photo sourced from Instagram @yannick_konan

10: All White Summer

All white looks fresh and clean and it can literally be any style of all white. Very simple and looks very attractive. Love to see it.

Photo sourced from Instagram @yannick_konan

11: Cute Vibe

Okay, clearly I could not come up with a good name for this look but I just love love love it! Love a man that can rock the colour pink and I just love how he accessorised this whole look. The colours & butterfly print on the shirt just feel like summer, a really cute summer vibe.

Photo sourced from Instagram @jordantupak2

12: Vintage aesthetics

Jump on the vintage bandwagon and rock your thrifted pieces. Vintage but make it summer! Zuluboy coming through with the aesthetics in this look. Its the vintage aesthetic shades that complete the look for me!

Photo sourced from Instagram @zuluboy_amadazfloor

So there you have it. Let me not catch you wearing basic jeans and a basic T-shirt on a date this summer. I got my eye on you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, please leave a comment letting me know which looks you absolutely liked the most.

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