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The New Era Virtual Fashion Week is an annual fashion event that took place from September 24th to 27th 2020 and was hosted by Fashion Community Week, a non-profit organization focusing on providing an influential business platform for fashion, beauty, and technology industries. Here’s a look at the event.

Worldwide Fashion Tech Conference

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Virtual Fashion Week
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The conference took place as a panel discussion with five fashion industry creators sharing about their cutting-edge fashion tech companies and how they are impacting the future of the fashion industry. The companies present at the conference were Easysize, Intelistyle, Else Corp, 3D Look and Save Your Wardrobe.

California Dream Fashion Show

Friday, September 25th, 2020

This runway show reflected the true nature of the Californian culture. The models swept the runway in modern collections consisiting of a creative selection of designs for everyday wear.

International Couture Fashion Show

Saturday, September 26th, 2020

The second fashion show displayed an atmosphere that was ahead of its time as the models paraded on the runway in glittering, hand-made dresses with intricate texture combinations. The exhibition showcased garments made by local and international designers.

Shop the Runway Fashion

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

This day gave the viewers an exclusive opportunity to shop the latest designer pieces fresh off of the runway before they hit the marketplace. As a result, this was the highlight of the New Era Virtual Fashion Week and it was not to be missed!

Because this was the first virtual fashion week hosted by Fashion Community Week, it was nothing short of amazing. Not only did it exhibit beautiful clothing pieces, but it did so in an ethical and sustainable manner. One thing that was not to be missed was the slow fashion mood behind the entire event. It was an amazing look into the future of fashion

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  1. Did you have a chance to check out Shop The Runway fcwsf.org/shop ? We (theohzoneinc.com) collaborated with Fashion Community Week to create the World’s First Interactive Fashion Show – not a video. We created 10 3D garment pieces, one from each designer, see the whole collection at https://skfb.ly/6V8Ko . We save the best for last!

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