Painfully swift

September has somehow passed by in a blur, and yet it has been a living hell for women. A lot of our female citizens have been under safety attacks, mostly rape and kidnapping for human trafficking. And if you want to argue and say, ‘but men are also not safe,’ then you sure haven’t been paying attention. Which gender have we been seeing in news headlines?

And not even one person from a leadership position has spoken about it. It’s like, as long as it doesn’t touch their doorsteps, they don’t see it so they couldn’t care less about it. This leaves us with no choice but to fight for ourselves.

What silent ‘leaders’ we have

It’s pathetic how we have been living in a country that has been independent for 30 years, yet we have no choice but to fight for ourselves because the government that we have placed our trust in – the same government that has ‘leaders’ that make endless unfulfilled promises during election times – is watching us get raped, murdered, kidnapped, trafficked and face gender-based violence. Nobody that’s in power is speaking about it. Forget speaking. They aren’t doing anything about it.

Our constitutional rights are being stripped away from us. Yet there’s zilch from the justice system. Perpetrators can get away with low bail and trials that last forever and result in consequences as little as peanuts. Our law enforcement is despicable.

The police were only loud and dutiful when it was about catching people who chose to illegally drink during the lockdown. We’ve seen them do everything in their power to catch and lock these people up. We, women, didn’t choose to live our lives in danger. Look at how silent and unresourceful the police have suddenly become.

Choosing to remain silent or not choosing a side automatically puts you on the oppressor’s side. We knew that we were on our own, but it still hurts when we see that this country truly doesn’t care about us.

It’s now up to us to keep ourselves safe and protected at all times. Let’s be vigilant in October. This too shall pass.

Gina Kandanga

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