The maintenance of natural hair can be quite difficult especially if one lacks the correct guidance. Due to the diversity of our hair maintaining healthy hair requires much patience to find what works for your hair. However, there are a few essential and basic do’s and don’ts that will help keep your hair healthy no matter your hair type.

DON’T: Detangle your hair while dry!

  • If you suffer from extreme breakage this might just be the culprit. Detangling your while its dry can cause a lot of unnecessary breakages. Always detangle your hair while it’s wet!

DO: Deep Condition

  • Deep conditioning is a must and it is very important. deep conditioners help at least once a week keep hair healthy and moisturized. Deep condition at least twice a month.
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DON’T: Use an ordinary cotton towel

  • Ordinary cotton towels cause a lot of frizz when drying out the hair. So, rather use a microfiber towel or leave your hair to air dry. If air drying is not possible, simply grab and an old T-shirt and pat your hair dry.

DO: Protective styling

  • As we all know protective styling is important especially when trying to retain hair length. Protective styles keep your hair from tangling up and breaking, however it only effective when it’s done right. Make sure your protective styles are not to tight and remember to moisturize your hair while its in protective styles. 
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DON’T: Use heat on your hair regularly

  • Remember, heat can be a real enemy to your hair if it’s used daily. Try to refrain from using too much heat on your hair.

DO: Trim your hair

  • Trimming your hair helps you get rid of split ends along with damaged hair. It is advisable to trim your hair every 2 to 3 months to limit split ends.

There are many more other do’s and don’ts that can help keep your hair healthy, hopefully, these will give the healthy hair that you deserve. Remember that maintaining your hair doesn’t always have to be a strenuous job. 

Ngumeritiza Katjimune

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