It’s that time of the month again, your hormones are all over the place and your body feels like it has turned against you. Period pain and cramps vary from person to person. One thing most of us have in common is that we can’t wait for it to end. There’s not much you can do to speed up the process however, you can make it better for yourself.

Here are five foods that could make these excruciating pains a little bit more bearable.


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Yes, water has been exhausted in almost every health-related article. It should however be no surprise that it pops up so often when our bodies are mostly made up of water. Water can reduce abdominal bloating as well as alleviate some of the pain. Hot water specifically, increases your blood flow which in turn relaxes your muscles and lessens cramps.

Bananas and Pineapples

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Fruits generally aid in a lot of health aspects. Bananas contain Potassium which reduces bloating and it also contains vitamin B6 which is a natural mood booster! Pineapples contain Manganese which could help reduce inflammation and dull those horrible cramps.

Dark chocolate

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Not only is chocolate a common feel-good food but it also has some major health benefits! Dark Chocolate, specifically, contains potassium which aids with muscle function and this reduces the pain caused by cramps.

Green Vegetables

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Green leafy vegetables help to relieve cramps and they can act as a calming agent. This is caused by the high Magnesium content in them. Examples of these types of vegetables include Kale, Spinach and broccoli.

Peanuts/Peanut butter

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Peanuts among other nuts help reduce the inflammation and also dull the pain from cramps. They are high in Magnesium and vitamin E.

You can treat yourself to any of the above foods in whatever creative combinations you come up with.

Hopefully, next time you experience period pain and cramps, it’ll be a bit more bearable. All these foods are easily accessible and affordable!

Simorné Januarie

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