Finding my style increased my confidence. Dressing for confidence your way

I never imagined that seeking out to understand my personal style would contribute to my increased confidence.

When I started looking into switching up my style over a year ago I was initially just using shopping as a means of therapy to help me get over a really tough break-up. However from past experiences with shopping I knew I needed to be smart that time around to prevent ending up with a bunch of ‘trendy’ and unflattering pieces that I actually never end up wearing!

So I started studying style and the following are some of the key points I now consider before buying any clothing item. I hope you find them as useful as I still do.

1. Consider Your Body Type

There are different types of body types such as the hourglass, pear, rectangular or athletic types etcetera.

Some cuts and designs only flatter certain bodies so I went into great detail and looked up what types of necklines, sleeves and lengths, and so on, flattered my body.

The easiest way to find how to dress your body type is to find a celebrity that shares your body type. Celebrities are dressed by stylists who consider their different body types.

Consider your body type. Body types. What's your body type. Hourglass, carrot, apple,pear, rectangular. Finding my style and increased confidence
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2. Make Sure it Fits Just Right

Ever heard of the saying “you wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear you”? The styling of an item may be perfect for you but if the fit is off then the look just comes out bad. If a clothing item isn’t tailored well to your body it has an unflattering effect so make sure to buy clothes that are just the right size or make sure to have them tailored to fit you perfectly if you need to.

Make sure it fits just right. perfect fit. style and confidence. you wear the clothes not the clothes wear you.
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3. Know Your True Colours

First you’d have to identify your skin tone.

You are warm toned if you have golden undertones (Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow) & you are cool toned if you have pink or rosy untertones (Angelina Jolie, Lucy Lui, Halle Berry) or you could be a combination of both, neutral skin tone ( Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington, Victoria Beckham).

Some shades flatter your skin tone and others don’t but neutral skin tones can work with any shade.

Find your colour. Skin tone colour. Shades for your skin tone. Warm skin tone. Cool skin tone. Neutral Skin tone. Finding your personal style and confidence
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4. Hair, Accessories and Shoes are Key!

These seemingly simple things can make or break your look. Your hair, accessories and shoes need to complement your look.

Take care that you have not over (or under) accessorised, that your hair-do is neat and well kept and that your shoes go with your outfit. However don’t be scared to make a statement with any of these but only if the rest of your outfit isn’t already dramatic.

Style and confidence.
Hair, accessories and shoes
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5. Find Your Comfort Zone

Identify what you’re comfortable in (and I don’t mean just sweats). Do you prefer sneakers over heels or any other formal shoe? Do you prefer neutrals over bold colours, or perhaps you prefer to be a lot more covered up then most. You could also just prefer a certain aesthetic. It’s all perfectly okay.

Pinpointing what your preferences are can help you identify your signature style and this limits the number of trendy items you buy that you might never wear.

Feeling comfortable and good in what you wear can significantly reduce social anxiety. No Honestly! Take it from me.

Find your comfort zone. Find Your aesthetic. Personal style confidence. Signature style
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Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself

Nina Garcia

6. Your Best feature Forward

What’s your favourite part of your body, or maybe the one feature you get a ton of complements on? Is it your gorgeous legs, toned arms, phat booty or is it your waist? Celebrate your body by highlighting your best features, whatever that may be.

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7. Dress for the Occasion

This simply helps you get out of your head about whether you’re over-dressed or under-dressed wherever you might find yourself.

Also, you wouldn’t really want to go bowling in platform heels or go jogging in sandals, lame examples I know, but I hope you catch my drift – it just avoids a whole lot of uncomfortability. Here’s a better example, you don’t want to be the only one not in white at an all-white function

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7. Mind Your Body Language

You can ruin a good outfit with bad posture. You’d be surprised at the effects of body posture on your mood and confidence and just how much people can pick up from how we carry ourselves. So strike a power pose or two, give eye contact (not in a creepy non-blinking way) and smile because you’re never fully dressed without it.

Body language. style and confidence. smile and power pose
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It’s no secret that when you look good you feel good, so use that to your advantage, everyday.

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  1. I absolutely love this. I’ve learned so much! I love how you use the images to correspond to the article. I can’t fault this at all!

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