This is the first edition of articles that will showcase the littlest, trendiest and must-have sneakers that are out there at the moment.

Here are the best sneakers currently out there:

1. Nike Court Vintage

Image from Pinterest.

The Nike court vintages have a simple but nice design. They look neat and are definitely bound to draw some attention.

2. Air Force 1

Image from Pinterest.

Another day, another Air Force. It is absolutely imperative that you have an Air Force 1 in your closet or you are not a real sneakerhead. You could go with the normal black or white but the other colours are worth a try as well.

3. Adidas Advantage

Image from Pinterest.

These sort of look like Stan Smiths. In fact, they are almost identical and so I would recommend Stans too. Regardless of which ones you pick, it will be a great choice.

4. Nike Airmax 27C

Image from Pinterest.

These shoes did not blow up as much as they should have. Not only do they drip whether paired with jeans or sweats, but they are also very comfy as they have an extra layer of foam.

5. Puma Suede

Image from Google.

Puma looks to be back in fashion and for good reason. Following the familiar ‘Simple but catchy’ design, Puma looks to have got it right with the Suedes.

These are the sneakers that we picked as the must-haves at the moment. Stay on the lookout for our next edition when we bring you the best sneaker drip again.

Owen Phiri-Mlia

21 Year old Malawian, currently studying and living in Namibia.

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