Well if it isn’t Waka, then it isn’t a moo’d! Yes, we’re talking about the upcoming Waka Kids Choice Awards hosted by Waka Waka Moo in partnership with Standard Bank Namibia which are for the children by the children to empower both youth and adults who play important roles in the lives of the Namibian Child. These awards are the first of their kind and are sure to be a game changer for both the youth and the communities at large.

These awards will give young people the much needed initiative to get into constructive discussions and activities within the communities. A major impact of these awards will be how adults and youth view their contributions to the progress and development of themselves and their peers. These are important to young people because these awards will become the benchmark for the kind of leadership and conduct that the youth need to strive for. This initiative is one well thought out and will definitely see youth actively participate in the way they feel the country should develop.

These awards are therefore also about instilling values and life skills into the young people and nurturing attributes such as analytic skills, self-confidence, discipline and determination. 

Participating in the awards will not only teach youth to be intentional about what it is they set their sights on, but allow them to be rewarded for thinking out of the box and being the leader (or the follower) who brought forth changes that were needed. It will contribute to the development of character and resilience in youth, in order for them to be who they want to be in out society, in a productive and socially constructive manner. In addition, these awards will also shape young leaders and when the time comes for them to take over leadership in the community, in industry or in government, they would have been empowered from a young age with the necessary skills that are needed in those leadership positions.

The awards will be in two segments, the first one being where the kids will select the top performers of their choice and the second one being where kids will reward fellow kids, teachers and schools. Nomination and selection will be based a strict criteria. This means, as the youth and everyone else participating in the nomination and voting, we need to be honest and unbiased about the people we nominate.

Some of the categories under segment 1 (By the Kids) are as follows:

  • Kids Choice Top Radio Station (KCTA) 
  • Kids Choice Top Cool Advert (KCCA) 
  • Kids Choice Top Athlete (KCATH)

And some of them under segment to (For the Kids) are as follows:

  • Top TV Host (WTH)
  • Overall Exceptional Learner (ESL) 
  • Junior Change Maker Award (KCJCM)

For more information about the awards, do not hesitate to contact the Waka Waka Moo team on their social media platforms or visit the website for more info at wakawakamoo.com. These awards are for the kids, by the kids to empower the country’s best and we love to see it!

Rejoyce Ndapanda Ambata

Ndapanda, or Rejoyce, either one works for me. Hi, I'm your next favourite podcaster and writer. I am passionate about what I do, how I do it and who it impacts on a large scale. Writing has always been my first love, it is through this that I'm changing lives and growing as both a youth activist and a young generation z with so much that lies ahead of her! I'm fierce and focused, and ready to share all I know with those around me.

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