As a Gen Z, I value a unique approach to health and fitness. Regular exercise boosts your immune system and improves sleep. It reduces sleep and anxiety among other things. Gen Z’s are innovative and find different ways to stay fit and active.

Here are five easy and effective active exercises for the lazy Gen Z to complement your aesthetic.

1. Bed Yoga

You must do the asana with your soul, relaxing your muscles on a lazy day
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From the upward dog and spine twist to bridge and butterfly fold, these are merely among a few exercises that you can do on your bed holding each poses for between 10 to 30 seconds. Maintaining regular yoga practice can provide physical and mental health. Benefits of yoga are increased flexibility, improved respiration, energy and vitality among others. Regular transcendental meditation and light yoga helps maintain inner calm.

2. Dance Challenges #TikTok

A modern day take on fitness and cardio keeping active
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Whether you’re 80 or 8, dance has a little something for everyone. According to recent studies on the neurological effects of dance found that it improves psychological well-being, greater self-esteem and overall health. A good song, a quick 3-minute routine is sure to get your blood flowing. Dancing encourages better coordination and agility. Dancing is a great stress reliever and helps your heart.

3.Walking in high heels

Strengthen your Achilles
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Similar to various calf workouts, walking for at least 10 minutes a day not only helps tone those calf muscles and legs. In addition to improving stability while also growing calf muscles. You may even consider high heel dance workout on which a plethora are available on YouTube. Wearing high heels not only decreases your chances of arthritis but in the process increases confidence, defines your lower legs and improves their appearance.

4. Cook-out

Where there's a countertop try triceps dips
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No, no this has nothing to do with a good, chilled barbecue. Outdoor gatherings with great food and music may sound appealing, however, this is a quick simple workout you can incorporate while cooking or baking. Moreover, a lunge hold while chopping up your ingredients, wide-leg squats while mixing ingredients or stirring the pot and counter dips to strengthen your core and arm strength. Whatever your preference for kitchen exercises are, you are sure to find something that you can hold every 1-2 minutes, to strengthen your bones and muscles and help combats health conditions and diseases.

5. Stitches

Increase your flexibility with a daily stretch
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Stretching has been proven to increase blood flow to muscles. Thus, calming your mind and relieves muscle tension. Whether you’re an athlete or new to exercise dynamic and static stretches held for between 10- 30 seconds will improve your posture. In addition to helping heal and prevent back pain. At the same time works as a stress reliever and improves blood flow and circulation. Making it a habit to stretch every morning and night for 10 minutes is sure to get your desired results.

Overall exercise will greatly benefit you, ranging from scientifically helping you age slower and improved neuro fitness. These exercises are guaranteed to get your blood warm. From dance challenges to basic stretches you are sure to enjoy every minute of your desired exercise choice with your daily routines.

Jo-dee Van der Byl

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