Not all orgasms come from sex!

Can we all agree that sex is a topic that should be normalized at the dinner table? Because if we don’t talk about it with our parents, indifferent of what religions we practise, when we go out there, we’re gonna do it wrong. Or worse, we’re gonna think the following is sex when it’s not.

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  • Masturbating – the art of knowing what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Receiving oral sex – giving a blowjob or having your partner eat you out and bring you to climax. 
  • Cuddling – laying in your partner’s arms, whether it be with or without clothes on.
  • Frottage – a fancy word for dry humping, which is stimulating each other’s genitals by grinding on each other with your clothes on.
  • Sex Toys – this brings excitement in the bedroom, and can be included when having an intense make-out session.
  • Breast and Nipple Play – having your breasts and/or nipples stimulated with the mouth, hands or toys such as vibrators or nipple clamps can also bring you to your big O.
  • Fingers and Hands – closely related to no. 2, your hands or fingers could come into play at any point and you will still reach that high, maybe even quicker.
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Now whether you are practising celibacy, abstinence or whatever it is, you can be sure that the above-mentioned should not be considered as sexual intercourse. That said, abstinence and outercourse do not prevent STDs and STIs, so additional responsible measures should be made.

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