A hostel is basically an establishment built to provide accommodation for students who want to live on campus. Being a hostel student has its advantages and disadvantages but it is a home away from home experience. Let’s look at how a student who lives in the hostel operates.

Your Own Room

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Just like at home, you have your own room. The best part of Hostel is that they do allow you to decorate your room the way you please. This makes you feel more at home and enjoy your own space. Visitors are definitely allowed to come to see you.

Hostels are Close To Campus

Staying in Hostel is basically staying on campus. Unlike people who take transport every day to school, a hostel student has the advantage of just walking to school and transport money is just used when they want to go out or to the mall. You also don’t have to always stay on campus even when you don’t have a class; you can go chill in your room till the next class.

Doing Everything Yourself

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This is probably the hardest part about hostel, doing everything yourself as well as making sure you also have time to study. Cooking for yourself becomes tiring so most hostel students will survive half of the year on bread and meat takeaways. You have to make sure you are doing your own laundry. You are now your own responsibility.


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So living in hostel does not mean you cannot have a bit of fun. Make friends and you can go socialize in their rooms or in the common area. You play games, listen to music or even share a meal that is if the host wants to cook. Interacting with other hostel mates makes you feel like you are part of family.

Hostel Life Is Amazing! Specially at Night!

Friends, Fun and Memory…

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Hostel has its downsides whereby sometimes you want to study and people in your block are making noise. You can sometimes get a roommate you don’t get along with or when there is theft, no hot water or lights not working. Sometimes you can come across such problems. Sometimes you actually do miss home and that is okay!

Hostel Life is a duration in which you become seasonal guests in your own home

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So looking at it, Hostel can be a pretty fun place to be and then have different mishaps which can actually be solved. I see staying in Hostel is actually safe, especially from things like a break-in. The hostel is definitely not home but has more freedom than home and I am sure that’s why most people move into the hostel. However, that freedom does come with responsibility.

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