Is two actually better than one?

Can we normalize being single by choice? Why does society think being alone is a disease to cure?

We all know someone who is with their S/O for purely the wrong reasons. Just like how we all know of someone who is madly, insanely in love with their S/O. How did they get it right? Better yet, how did they not get it right?

What are some amazing reasons to be in a relationship?

  • Sharing a season, a chapter, a period of your life with someone can be exciting.
  • It is comforting when someone is interested in who you are.
  • Productivity spikes since mundane tasks are fun when you’re doing them with your person.
  • Leading a healthier lifestyle since intimacy reduces stress.
  • Brings excitement in your life. 
  • Oh, and pleasure, too *wink wink*

What tells you that you are ready for a relationship?

  • You’re not waiting for someone to complete you.
  • You understand the importance of open communication.
  • Failed relationships are no longer on your mind.
  • You have mastered self-love and -acceptance.
  • Understand the reality and what it takes to maintain a relationship.
  • You are ready to integrate your life with someone else’s.

What shows you that you aren’t ready for a relationship?

  • You want someone to save you from your endless problems.
  • Frequently thinking of your ex(es) is a sign you should chill out alone for a while.
  • You have a hard time communicating, taking accountability and compromising.
  • You’re emotionally reserved.
  • You are still longing for the attention of many.
  • You’re still focused on attracting many.
  • You don’t like feeling ‘stuck to one person’.
  • You don’t handle conflict well.

There has been or will be a time when we feel pressured by social norms to find the perfect partner and upload cute selfies so everyone can see how happy we seem.

However, unless you have discovered who you are and found out what you are passionate about, how can you expect somebody to trust you with their heart? If you can’t bring peace, leave with peace.

‘Til next time, xx

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