Online was one of the biggest changes this year and most of us struggled with that. Online learning can be tricky but with these tips, I am sure you will find tackling online learning much easier.

1. Ask for Help

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Most people assume that just because schoolwork is online, we have to handle it by ourselves. That is not true and what I would recommend is finding an online study buddy from your class. However, if your friend is not sure how to help you make sure you have your teacher’s contact details and I am sure they are always ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to ask when you are in doubt.

2. Take it Seriously

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Remember, this is still school work so take it seriously. Set time aside for yourself to complete your work and try to complete it as soon as possible. Do not wait for the last minute to do your work and submit. Failing is real and should not be an option so do work hard for every subject, not just one. Make enough effort for school.

3. Ignore The Distractions

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Set time aside to study and do your work.

Leave Social Media unless you are using your phone for research or getting help. Know your priorities and make sure you are putting effort in them. I would suggest a little snack by the side with you that will keep you going, trust me it always helps.

You can find these study snacks quite delicious :

4. Enjoy

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School can sometimes be energy-draining and frustrating; however, you should try to enjoy it. Don’t only read what you have been given by your teacher, do your own research as well. Finding your own information is actually more fun than being given 100 pages of notes. Online learning can be done anywhere, even at your favourite coffee shop, backyard, in your room, in the kitchen as long as you are comfortable and focused.

Online learning is not the next big thing,

It is the now big thing


2020 has definitely been a tough year with new adaptations including staying away from school as a way to maintain social distancing. So given the opportunity to keep learning, even during the pandemic, it is important to stay focused. I hope these tips will help in tackling the difficulties of online learning, all the best with the remainder of the year!

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