There’s nothing worse than studying from your textbooks every day and feeling like you’re getting nowhere. Instead of taking years to find your rhythm, I’ve taken time to find one that might just work for you! Here’s a 6-step study method that actually works.

When studying, always take into consideration that:

1. Some subjects require more than one study method in order to study efficiently and effectively.

2. You might need to rotate the methods until you find your balance.

3. You should take your time when figuring your preferred method out.

4. Studying can be draining, don’t overwork yourself!

6 different studying methods to try
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Test yourself before you stress yourself:

The best way to figure out what you need to study is testing yourself. This can be testing from old question papers or from exercises in a textbook, it gives you a heads-up as to what’s most important to touch on when studying.

[Pro Tip; Close all books, sit by yourself and write what you know, making little notes of that which you don’t know so you can go through it at a later stage.]

My friend, the highlighter:

After figuring out where your study focus lies, head into your notes/ textbooks/handouts etc and highlight that which you don’t know/understand. Remember to read through what you’re highlighting and take your time to make sure you’ve got all the points down.

[Pro-Tip: Make sure to highlight full sentences or phrases less you miss something important while at it, and use colours that you know you will remember.]

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The Sticky notes:

This method works well when you need to memorize small details and already have an understanding of the study topic(s). Make sure to write only what you need to know, and nothing more. Include page numbers or activity numbers for reference.

[Pro Tip: Color coding your sticky notes according to your level of understanding helps with allowing you to focus on the most important to note and work your way up]

Sticky notes
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Stick em’ up!

Using either an old book or an area on your wall (or anywhere you prefer) stick the notes up in chronological order or in the order that you studied them. This will make it easier for when you revise, making sure it keeps you in a rhythm that you’re comfortable with.

[Pro-Tip: Place them in an area/space which you’ll constantly have access to when you need it. Make sure there is enough lighting and your handwriting is legible enough to read from afar.]


sticky notes
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The seasons of Studying

Earlier in the post, I mentioned colour-coding them according to importance. That step comes in handy when you start going through your sticky notes. You can now choose to go through them from the least to the most important or vice-versa.

[Pro-Tip: Sticky notes come in various colours, but always choose those which you know won’t be too distracting to you while studying]

Highlighters of various shades
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What’s music got to do with it?

Music has got a lot to do with the way we study. According to, music can create a mood and help with memorization which often improves test scores. So then, play on, play loud, but don’t playoff.

However, also remember that music can be distracting, so only play that which you know won’t lead you into a study-sing along instead of a study marathon.

[Final Pro-Tip: Remember that we all listen to different kinds of music that calms us, so whatever you do, pick what puts you at ease.]

Remember to stay hydrated and have a healthy snack with you when you study, take your time and study smart. Let us know in the comments what stood out to you and which part interested you most!

An example of referencing page numbers to help make studying easier
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