Detoxing is nothing but a complete deep body cleanse, it’s basically the removal of toxins from your body. So why not start your day right by getting rid of all the dirt from inside your body? Try out these easy detox drinks that will help boost your metabolism and keep your body healthy.

Lemon Cucumber detox water

This is probably the most well-known detox drink and it’s also the easiest.Add cucumber and lemon slices to a bottle/glass of water and let them set for a while. Cucumbers are rich in fibre and water and play a big role in digestion.

Fruit Infused detox water

Similar to the lemon and cucumber water, this one is also quite easy. Instead of drinking store bought juice that contain a large amount of added sugar, fruit infused water is a wonderful substitute. Simply soak fresh fruits such as berries, oranges, lemons or grapes in water and enjoy. This drink lowers your sugar intake and boosts immunity from the antioxidants in the fruits.


Beetroot and Mint Juice

Unlike the first two drink, this juice is a great way to add fibre to your diet. The beetroot are high in fiber and are low in calories. In order to make this drink simply toss a few mint leaves and chopped leaves into a blender. For more flavour add a pinch a salt before blending, make sure to drink while still fresh.

Green Tea and Lemon

Green tea is quite popular due to it’s many benefits. It has shown to lower cholesterol and improve blood flow. While the lemon on the other hand is a great antioxidant that aids in digestion and the improvement of skin quality.


Drinking detox drinks is an excellent way to increase your water intake while undergoing a deep body cleanse. Boost your metabolism and amplify your skin with these simple drinks.

Ngumeritiza Katjimune

Hi, I'm Ngume and I'm a contributor at Afterbreak Magazine in Windhoek, Namibia. I am currently a first year student at the University of Namibia, majoring in Biochemistry, Biomedical. In my role as a contributor, I aspire to be a voice for the voiceless and to inspire and motivate the youth.

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