Your girlfriend is like a flower and just like a flower she needs to be nurtured.

One of the best ways to do this is getting her gifts. Here are some gifts you could get that special someone:

1. Make up

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Girls looove make up and it is probably a close second only to food. Get her some and watch her spend weeks trying it out without taking a break or acknowledging you exist….but it will be worth. 

2. Jewelry

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A necklace with the first letter of her name on it , some new earrings or a 24 karat diamond ring. Whatever piece of jewelry you go for she will appreciate. Check out MJ Creations on Instagram for some inspiration.

3. Perfume

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She’s a flower so why not smell like one? Don’t forget to ask your female friends on which perfumes are the best. 

4. Hair products

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The crown on her head for the queen she is. Get your girlfriend some hair products to keep that crown looking nice and shiny.

5. An outfit

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Before heading to the store , you will need to ask your female friends on what the hottest fashion trends are at the moment and where to get the best quality clothes.

6. Her favorite meal

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The most obvious idea on the list. Get her favorite meal(s). 

7.A trip

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Plan a weekend gate away ( or longer ) to one of those places she is constantly talking about. That’s if you were listening.

8. Flowers

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It could be the classic roses or a bouquet of her favorite flowers. A hamper with some added goodies is a plus as well.

9. Chocolate

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Go all out on this one  cause one bar of chocolate won’t be enough. Get as many varieties as you can as well.

10. Photo album

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Something to remind her just how lucky she is a photo album will keep her company when you are not around . 

There you have it! These are the Afterbreak Magazine approved gift ideas to get your favorite headache.

Owen Phiri-Mlia

21 Year old Malawian, currently studying and living in Namibia.

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  1. Yassss mahn!!! Yassss,all men deserve to see this. 🥺This is definitely the content I signed up for. Well done Owen👏🏿💫

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