It is very important to keep hydrated all year long, moreover, it is of great importance to consume enough fluids during winter. 

Here are a few reasons that can motivate you to stay hydrated as well as tips that one can try out as they embark on the journey of hydration this winter.

Reasons to keep hydrated this winter.

  • Staying hydrated may assist you in maintaining your weight, how so?

Drinking enough fluids will enable your body to break down fats and convert it into energy. These energies can come in handy during the short winter days to help you do your everyday errands faster.

  •  It can boost your immune system.

The air in winter is drier than that of summer which can be another possible reason why many of us are dehydrated. This will result in your body being vulnerable to illnesses such as flu. In order to avoid all these one can supply their body with sufficient fluids to help the body fight such issues.

Another astonishing fact is that when you supply your body with sufficient fluids, the body is more likely to stay warmer than the dehydrated body. The warmth that your body provides can help you get through winter.

Keeping hydrated does not mean that one needs to consume water only, there are other means that one can keep hydrated. The important thing is that you need to maintain an acceptable amount of fluids. 

Ways how to keep hydrated and maintaining an acceptable amount of fluids . 

  • Drink water, cold or warm it’s up to you which one you are comfortable with.
  • Eat foods that are rich in fluids, like oranges, strawberries and yoghurt, just to mention a few.
  • Most importantly you must learn to layer your clothing. The layer of your fabrics should be breathable not always heavy- duty in order to minimize your water loss.

Please try to stay hydrated this winter as it can assist us in getting through the hard times of COVID-19. 

Do not hesitate to interact with us on how you keep yourself hydrated and why you think its important.

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Selma Ndasilohenda Iyambo

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