Staying cozy while looking cute can be quite tricky, especially when trying to pull off a beanie outfit. There are a thousand ways to style a beanie, however, it’s great versatility can easily sabotage your outfit. Here are a few beanie-styling inspirations that will keep you warm but still stylish.

The slouch

Going to school or paying a quick visit to the mall? Take it back to basics with this laidback beanie style. In order to achieve this look, firstly pull the beanie a small distance over your hairline. Next, take the centre of the beanie and pull it in such a manner to allow it to slouch at the back. Rock this style to add a little oomph to everyday outfits.


Matching Coat

If you’re not looking to stand out from the crowd, coordinating the colour of your coat to that of your beanie is a great way to stay low-key. 


Sporty beanie

Don’t be afraid to mix styles together, rock your outfits with the help of beanies. Capping your hoodies and jackets with a beanie ties the sporty and casual look together. Add a few formal pieces to make sure your outfit fits into the sports and casual world.


Pop of colour

Looking to stand out from the crowd in winter? This is definitely the perfect way to do it. Play around with your colours and make sure that the beanie is the focal point of your outfit. Nude colours are more popular in winter, therefore, your beanie can be different and colourful!


“be different and be colourful!”

Slay your winter outfits with these cute beanie styles. Play around with your beanies and don’t forget to tag us in your beanie fits @afterbreakteens.

Ngumeritiza Katjimune

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