TRIGGER WARNING: Rape. There is a continuous need for us to educate our young people about consent. Often times, young people are raped or rape due to lack of awareness about consent.

If you don’t understand consent, you can’t respect it in practice.

Olga Namutewa

Before indulging in sexual intercourse, it is essential for the two parties to agree that they both want to do it. Agreeing upon it does not mean hearing your partners’ feelings or thoughts ends there, rape happens even when you are not aware of it. Once you and your partner agree upon having sexual intercourse, you have given your partner your consent.

It all does not end there because if one of you decides to say “no, I do not want to continue this”, your partner should respect that and stop immediately without trying to coerce you to continue the act.

Consent is reversible.

Me Too Namibia

Failure to do that then results in you violating your partners’ human rights. Often, sexual partners force one another into corners to an extent where the other partner does not have a choice but to do the sexual act. Coercion is also rape.

If you have agreed to be in a relationship with someone, it does not mean that they can have sex with you whenever it suits them. You will forever be entitled to a choice of when, where and what time you would like to take part in any sexual act. Young people, it’s about time you equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make sure that your rights are not being violated and that you too are not violating the next persons’ rights.

“In the world that we are living, in young people are being raped by their partners or they are busy raping their sexual partners without them being aware of it.”

Selma Ndasilohenda Iyambo

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Selma Ndasilohenda Iyambo

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July 2020