Social media detox, anyone?

Almost everyone you know uses some sort of platform to interact with you. We’ve become too dependent on social media for interactions that we find our need for it spiralling out of our control. So, is there something else we can have control over? Well, yes; our consumption of it. 

Seven signs you need a break from social media:

  1. Oblivious to surroundings – we’re so invested in our phones that we sometimes don’t even pay attention to what is around us.
  2. You feel antisocial – it’s natural to want to have some time to yourself, but do you always want to be alone and be on your phone, too?
  3. Others’ lives have become your goals – while it’s okay to like someone’s car or house, it’s another thing when you’re obsessing over what they have. There’s a fine line between being proud of someone’s achievements and being envious of what they have.
  4. Heightened stress – how do you feel when you’re on Twitter? Is it stressful? You know what to do if social media starts making you feel horrible.
  5. Slacking on work – are you all caught up or are you putting it off because ‘’I’m quickly checking Instagram’’?
  6. The strain on relationships – has someone had to repeat something again because you weren’t focusing and you were too busy scrolling through your feed?
  7. The pressure to post – do you feel worried about what your followers will think of you if you go months without posting?

There’s a fine line between being proud of someone’s achievements and being envious of what they have.

Gina Kandanga

Here’s how to make it effective, according to Abbie Emmons:

  1. Make a plan – what’s going to replace the time you had been spending on social media? 
  2. Self-care is a priority – now that you have more time on your hands, start reading a hardcover book, get more sleep, meditate
  3. New habits – almost like (b) above, find time for movie nights, declutter your gallery (we knew there’s a lot of screenshot junk in there), try and get the day’s first rays of sunshine.
  4. Introspection – listen to yourself and find out what no longer serves you. This includes getting rid of some social media accounts, revamping your wardrobe, deleting contacts that no longer serve a purpose.
  5. Create a manifesto – figure out why you want to return to each platform. If it’s to keep tabs on people’s lives, go back to square one.

Oh, please don’t announce that you’re taking a break. Nobody cares or much less, notices your absence.

image from Jenny Cheng/Business Insider

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