Join me as we say goodbye to the month of Pride. There’s nothing I love more than individuals expressing who they are through their sexuality. June, Pride month, was designated for the promotion of self-affirmation, dignity, equality and increased visibility for the LGBT community. The Afterbreak Magazine team fully supports and loves the LGBTQ+ community!

Furthermore, I’m sure we can all agree that this season has been quite hecticcccccccc, in positive some ways too. Conversations that have been brought up that give minority groups a chance to be heard. Let us start with the topic regarding abortion. This was a clear stance most women took, to advocate for their bodily autonomy, which entails the right to self-governance.

A petition has been passed out, which currently stands at 52 000+ signatures. Wow! This is truly incredible. Honestly, if you signed this petition, on behalf of my entire team, thank you, thank you! We stand for our women, and we stand for the ability to have a choice over our bodies.  We anxiously wait to see if our fight for the legalization of abortion will be heard and passed. Even if it’s not successful, the fact that so many women participated in this conversation is what makes me happy. I would like to see men stand up for this as well because, at the end of the day, we need men to respect women’s rights.

Speaking of minority groups, another issue that has become “controversial” over the past month is the revolting idea of racism that still exists in this very day and age. Unfortunately, even after generations of fighting and education, the black community still remains oppressed and devalued. Nothing that saddens my heart, as much as the fact that racist people still exist, even after they have a monopoly over so much in the world. They don’t think that’s enough and they further continue this racism. Therefore, we will continue to fight and chant “#blacklivesmatter”, as much as we can, because we need to be heard!

We will tire of crying out that #blacklivesmatter but we will never give up until we see the substantive change that we’ve been seeking for generations and generations.

Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba

Thank you to all our readers, thank you for the consistency during these difficult times. Your support truly keeps us going. 

Happy July, Family. ❤️
Love and light xx

Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba

My name is Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba and I am officially the newly-appointed Editor of Afterbreak Magazine. I attend school at Delta Secondary School Windhoek; grade 12.

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July 2020