From systematic oppression to racial injustices, black people have had the shorter end of the stick for centuries. This is not to say that other races havenโ€™t suffered at the hands of racism, it is only to say that for black people, the figurative foot has been on the neck for 8 minutes 46 seconds too long.

art representative of black lives matter.

Lets first start by highlighting that the Black Lives Matter movement doesnโ€™t take away from other movements that represent various races. In essence, all lives matter, and no lives should have to be put on the back burner to highlight the fight of another, especially not in this such manner. The statement in question should never have to be why black lives matter, because all lives should have to matter without there having to be an explanatory discussion.

However, the fact currently stands that black people are in dire need of awareness, not only for their safety but also as a wake up call to the global community at large. It is a wake up call that human rights need to be respected as such, and not disregarded on the basis of complexion. Human rights need not to be awarded on the basis of objectivity but are now awarded to the highest bidder of color.

Racial injustices is nothing new to Namibia,USA,or any other country. Black people have lived in these injustices for centuries and continue to live in them,both systematically and socially. The conversation around civil rights and equality of the races has gone on for long enough with no lasting solution. 

The reason these lives matter most as of now,is because black people worldwide are always on the wrong end of racial hate crimes and discrimination. Black lives matter now more than ever because the color of oneโ€™s skin is merely a form of diversity,that which should not go as far as to assume hostility of people of color,especially back people of color.  

Nonetheless,in an ever-changing society and ever-evolving global community, the world ought to know by now how people of various races should coexist without having to study behavioral patterns and study people of color in order for them to coexist. It should come naturally, to all of us, to not only co-exist, but exist together without taking turns in this big, ever-changing evolving world we live in. 

Ndapanda Ambata

Ndapanda, or Rejoyce, either one works for me. Hi, I'm your next favourite podcaster and writer. I am passionate about what I do, how I do it and who it impacts on a large scale. Writing has always been my first love, it is through this that I'm changing lives and growing as both a youth activist and a young generation z with so much that lies ahead of her! I'm fierce and focused, and ready to share all I know with those around me.

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