When last have you decided not to ask people money anymore and just work for it? A lot of us cannot proudly say that we are out there actively offering our services in exchange for hard-earned cash, but lucky for you, I got the opportunity to chat with Moeralle and find out how he feels about not depending on anyone for money.

Gina: Hey, is now a good time to chat?

Moeralle: Yep it is.

G: So, it was brought to our attention that you go house to house in Elisenheim offering to help people wash their cars. How long have you been doing this?

M: This is the fifth year.

G: What was the idea behind it?

 M: I grew tired of always asking people for money and they always had an excuse not to lend me some cash. Often, they asked too many questions about what I’m gonna do with it, what I need it for and so on. Another reason why is because my parents are not gonna be there forever, that’s why I started earning my own money.

G: those are good reasons to become independent. The people whose cars you wash, are they regular customers? If so, do you they call you beforehand?

M: Most of the time I get referrals so its new customers now and again. There are, however, customers that are regulars. And when I do not have appointments, that’s when I go door to door asking if I could wash their car.

G: Do you usually work alone or have someone accompany you?

M: I used to work alone but I recently partnered with someone who had the same vision that I do.

G: Have you guys encountered someone who was having a rather bad day and as a result, was pretty rude towards you?

M: No, not really. I think people understand us and know what our intentions are. That’s why they’re always friendly towards us. Some clients even offer us drinks and snacks.

G: That’s cute. Other than washing cars, is there something else you guys provide?

M: We tried washing bins last year but that idea didn’t go as expected. I’m planning on becoming a pitbull breeder.

G: What does that entail?

M: I want to sell original pitbull puppies, not these mediocre ones. I’ll have to look for people that would like to invest in them. For example, you invest N$1000 in the big females for maintenance of the dogs and kennels and then once they give birth and I sell them, the investor gets double their input, so N$2000.

G: Oh, yeah. That’s quite smart. How can people contact you for further questions or ideas?

M: At the moment I only have my personal Instagram account and phone number (+264 81 835 9628).

So there you have it, gents. You may contact Moeralle for further inquiries or tips and advise. If you know of anyone else making a name for themselves from a young age, don’t hesitate to contact AfterBreak. Til next time, x

Gina Kandanga

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