Keeping up with today’s fashion has never been easy due to our forever changing world, especially when it comes to eyewear. Luckily the fashion gurus have spoken, and have chosen the seven most trending and fashionable eyes frames for 2020.

Top Trending Eyewear

1. Classic Black Rimmed Glasses

For the past few years these frames have been trending in eyewear, and nothing has changed in 2020. Also called hipster glasses, these frames are great way to stand out from the crowd due to their size and square silhouettes.

2. Thin & Lightweight Metal Frames

  These wireframes are metallic however quite light and provide effortless but gorgeous appearance. These frames can vary from classic rectangular shapes to modern-day geometric shapes.

3. Rimless glasses

They might technically not have frames, however, theses frameless glasses have hit the fashion industry like a tsunami! Strive for simplicity and elegance in 2020.This a definitely a trend to follow!

4. Semi-Rimless Glasses

Although Rimless glasses have been quite a fashion statement, semi-rimless glasses are slowly made their way to top trending 2020 eyewear.

5. Translucent Frames

The colours of these frames are clear and can come in all sorts of colours including animal prints.

Vintage Vin020

6. Vintage Cat-Eye

Cat-eye frames are sexy, playful yet still professional. Reveal your adventurous and frisky side.

Gossip Gsp312

7. Thin & Narrow Reading Glasses

This 80’s & 90’s style  gradually made its way back to the trends and seems it’s here stay. If your in search a vintage look this frames are perfect for you.

Update your outfits with these trending eyeframes and look your best in 2020!

Ngumeritiza Katjimune

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