Worried about how you will stay snatched over the winter season? We all know that pulling off outfits during winter is not the easiest, especially because it is so cold and we often worry about keeping warm and comfortable as opposed to stylish. 

After this read, you will know how to keep warm and still be stylish, a win/win!

Winter essential #1 are Turtle necks!

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The best feature about these is that they come in almost every colour and they’re unisex. They are also very simple to style, as they can be rocked with denim jackets, sweaters, hoodies and everything else that can potentially keep you warm.

BOOTS are obviously a WINTER’s-MUST-HAVE!

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They’re simple and elegant and most certainly, quite stylish. They go super well with jeans, leggings and sweat pants. A tip for the ladies, boots can also be worn with skirts and dresses. Just be sure to wear them with either knee-high socks or stockings, this adds an extra touch of sassiness to your look.

Another must have is definitely a coat!

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It’s recommended to have a coat in a neutral colour, either black, brown or white because it keeps you warm and you can throw it onto any outfit. They never ruin outfits, because they are in neutral colours and you can remove it when entering a warm room which obviously makes layering super fun!

Lastly, but most importantly, YOUR SCARVESSS!

They add such subtle, yet such a valuable touch to your outfit. Not only do they prevent you from getting a cold, but ladies, they can also be used as hard wraps and they complete any Mr. look that the guys are going for!

Don’t forget, apart from the fact that it is freezing during winter, it is just another season to KEEP STYLISH!

Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba

My name is Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba and I am officially the newly-appointed Editor of Afterbreak Magazine. I attend school at Delta Secondary School Windhoek; grade 12.

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