Handbag essentials are items which we keep in our bags that help us get through our days easier. These items are either miniature versions of items we have at home or items we have at school/work. In this article, we are going to look at the winter handbag must-haves since. I must say, the streets of Windhoek are already being hit by a cold breeze.

Essentials that we keep in our bags differ from bag to bag to ensure easy access to them.  That’s why it is advised to keep your bag light as possible when not at work/school (during times of leisure) and keep it moderately heavy when on the weekly go. This does not only make it easier for us to control how much we put in our bag, but also limits the extras, and makes sure we only pack that which we really need. 

Your go-to essentials this winter would be the following:

  • Sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Hand cream
  • Vaseline/DCT/ Blistex
  • Snack (preferably containing vitamin C or some energy booster) 
  • Pen and notebook 
  • USB 
  • Gloves/ Warm Beanie/ Socks (optional)
  • Makeup remover
  • Charger cable and powerbank

Although we keep our work with us at all times, it’s important to think about our health when we pack our essentials into our bags. A lot of the essentials we try and squeeze into our bags at some point have a strain on our backs, shoulders and wrists. 

Try not to keep the following in your bag: 

  • Laptop 
  • Loose keys 
  • Lipstick 
  • Water bottle
  • Swiss knife kit 
  • Shoes 

Remember, some of the essentials on this list may not be essentials to you keep in your bag, so try and adjust the list to your liking. And for those who struggle with keeping a certain amount of essentials in your bag, here’s a checklist for you to go through when you pack your essentials: 

  • Is it necessary? 
  • Is it compact? 
  • Do I require it at all times? 
  • Can I do without it?

Another important tip is to always have a bag divider or handbag organizer in case of makeup spills or any accidental spills so that the surface of your bag stays intact at all times. 

Packing is such a joy, especially packing handbags, take time now before we all get back into our full work modes to pack your handbag and make it comfortable and compact for you and for your work/school days.

Remember the tips and always carry a face mask with you. It is mandatory.

Rejoyce Ndapanda Ambata

Ndapanda, or Rejoyce, either one works for me. Hi, I'm your next favourite podcaster and writer. I am passionate about what I do, how I do it and who it impacts on a large scale. Writing has always been my first love, it is through this that I'm changing lives and growing as both a youth activist and a young generation z with so much that lies ahead of her! I'm fierce and focused, and ready to share all I know with those around me.

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