When I picked up the copy of Masked Warrior I already knew that it was going to be an emotional journey. Usually, reading a book like this I need to have a hot cup of coffee, socks and some PJ’s on and absolutely nothing to do the whole day. It’s not a book that you’d put down cause you are always keen to know what’s in the next chapter. The way the author almost immediately gets you sunken into the story is effortless.

I found that reading the Masked Warrior is about unmasking emotional tragedy that young people go through, whether it’s with themselves, with family members, with close relatives or with their own career goals, it becomes a puzzle in itself and that makes it almost difficult to not relate.

At some point, I was more worried whether the author was telling us their own story or whether the characters were fictitious because the details in the story were precise. This made me wonder whether the book is in itself a self-therapy or it’s written to inspire. If it’s written to inspire, it definitely had me skipping chapters simply because I had to pause to allow the emotional drench just to fade away so that I could continue reading.

I was lucky enough to meet with Ndinaelao Moses and squeezed in a couple of questions.

What inspired the book?

“Masked warrior is inspired by a lot of things I’ve come across in my life; around me and through the media. This book talks about unspoken words no one seemed to notice and those who did turned a blind eye. This is because a norm to go against what the society has planted in our minds as right and acceptable regardless of how it affects individuals.”

How important were the relationships in the book? Are they based on your own personal experience with people?

“Relationships in the book are very important because they take us back to reality and how people’s lives are changed. The story is twisted, a combination of both fiction and nonfiction characters.”

How long did it take you to write the book, was it a difficult write?

” It took me about 8 months to finish the whole book I was not hard putting words on paper. I enjoyed writing Masked Warrior that I got emotional when I had to end it because it was too long. However, the end of it didn’t excite a lot of people. Readers asked me questions like “Is this it? I want more”, “I didn’t want it to end, please write MASKED WARRIOR 2″. I want to make my fans happy, for this, I am working on something.”

You often write about Pewa in the third person as someone who thinks a lot. Is that why she was able to succeed in life because she carefully considered everybody?

“Oh yes, that’s right, the third person is the only way I could explain everything in detail, including how people’s behaviour or actions affect others knowingly and unknowingly. In the third person, the author is not limited. The characters are able to analyse situations. This helps distinguish between real and underground enemies and vice-versa. At times, they hid their emotions to protect people they loved and cared for.

“A lot of people go through hardships they don’t discuss. There are a lot of people who think suicide is the only solution when they’re lost in their own thoughts, left with nothing to keep them going and anger has taken over. That’s why it’s important for anyone to read this book so they see what might be the reality behind their children, friends, parents, grandparents, siblings and everybody else’s lives.”

There you have it! If you’re interested in getting the book, please do contact: Ms Wendy at +264 81 371 5835, if you’re in Windhoek, and in other regions, contact Ndinaelao Moses at +264 81 692 3170.

The book is also available on Amazon on both ebook and paperback format, the first two chapters are for free!

On top of being an Author, Ndinaelao Moses is an Electrical Power Engineer by profession who was the first and only woman in her class. She is also a Mathematics and Science tutor. Ndinaelao is a people’s person, she gets along with everyone unless you give her reasons to act otherwise and she loves to see people winning!

Lerato Komomungondo

I'm Lerato Komomungondo, 17 years old. I am passionate about writing. I have a steady source of motivation in my everyday life that drives me to do my best. I am open minded, goal driven which is essential to my growth in writing. I'm enthusiastic and I thrive to set goals for myself so I have something to strive towards.

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