She gives literal sunflower vibes to everyone she comes across. A student, YouTuber, Photographer, Enthusiast and Sunflower. I present you, Tuli.

We got to chat with Tuli over how it was like living and matriculating outside of Nam, what’s it like starting a YouTube channel, what she’s studying at UNAM and get a few tips on skin care and photography. 

Hey, thank you for making time for us. Word is that you moved high schools from Namibia to Botswana. Why did you decide to matriculate abroad?

It wasn’t my decision. My father was posted to Botswana for work and the entire family moved there temporarily, however, it was my decision to continue and finish high school there. I felt like I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone in order to grow.

How are the two countries different?

There are multiple languages spoken in Namibia, whereas in Botswana there are only two major languages spoken other than English which are Setswana and Kalanga. Most people communicate in Setswana, regardless of whether it’s at school, the mall etc. Then, people are so patient in traffic and queues. Lastly, the free roaming of farm animals in the streets and highways. Regardless of the place, even if it’s a developed area, you’ll find sheep and goats.

Have you learned some Setswana?

A few basics but not enough to carry a conversation. I can name a few dishes and greet people back. 

What are you studying and why?

At first, I wanted to go for A-levels this year but circumstances weren’t in agreement. So, this year I’m studying BSc in Medicinal Chemistry with an intention of branching into Medicine next year. I would like to be an Ophthalmologist; an eye surgeon and optical medication prescriber

What inspires your fashion taste?

When I was younger, my dad inspired me because he always looked good and made me want to dress to impress. Now it switches up according to my mood. However, I always want to look good because it makes me feel good, work hard, do well and be happy. I guess you could say it’s ever changing and eccentric. 

Your IG page is bomb! How can one improve their photography skills?

Thank you! You can search up on YouTube for inspiration and look at a variety of videos that suite you and what you have, like equipment and type of phone, or even camera and lenses. Also, lighting and posing is important. Pinterest can also be a fun place to find ideas. Fun fact, most of my pictures were taken by my 11 and 12-year old cousins, so that’s a good example of teaching people how you like your pictures to be like.

Your skin is always glowing girllll! What products do you use?

That means a lot. I have been using the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash for a while now and Epimax to moisturise my skin. Then I add sunscreen by Clicks. Other than that, I use Carmex on my lips to be extra.

Some people struggle with acne and dry skin. How can they switch up their skin care products and get the best results possible?

This is tricky. The easiest and fasted route is to talk to a dermatologist. If not, then you can also experiment with products that you find interesting. Be careful with the ingredients might products contain, because some chemicals could work against your skin type and cause pH imbalances and skin reactions. Be sure to search up under a dermatologist website. You might also want to look into witch hazel to treat acne.

What motivated you to start a YouTube channel?

I’ve always wanted to start one since I was 12 but I didn’t have the right equipment and I was too much of a perfectionist who cared about what people said. But during lockdown, I came to the realisation that life is too short to not live it the way I want. Secondly, I waned to see people I could relate to because almost always, YouTubers have perfect skin and perfect lives. I’m sure there’s a girl or boy out there who will relate to me not being perfect.

What do you hope to discuss with viewers?

I’d like to discuss topics that don’t get much attention like confidence, self-acceptance and how to be beautiful internally. There’s a difference between being beautiful and being attractive. A lot of people aren’t ‘beautiful’ because they’re so ugly on the inside. Keep a lookout for taboo topics that will be discussed on my channel.

Check out Tuli’s YoutTube channel here and follow her on Instagram.

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