E-learning has been implemented to ensure that during the global pandemic students and learners do not fall behind from their academic work. However,  adapting to the change in learning is challenging for many learners and students.

Therefore, I caught up with some individuals to give us tips on how they are staying organised during their online studies.

1. Willingness

One must have the will power to do the work assigned to them. This makes me more focused and positive. This is how I am staying organised and I am really enjoying this.

Martha Negongo, a 3rd year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

2. Do not stress yourself and learn to take time for yourself

I have a timetable, however, I do not do work on Fridays and Sundays. Those are my resting days unless I have an assignment because my mental health matters. I need to allow myself time to breathe.

Rauna Hamata, a 1st year LLB student

3.Check your online source and do the work before it piles up

What I do when I wake up every day is check if any work has been uploaded, then I do my homework and tell myself if I leave it, it will pile up and get worse, just so I can finish it and then I’m carefree.

Wilika Mumati, a grade 9 learner

4. A conducive learning environment and a clear schedule is key

I start by cleaning up my kitchen/living room because this is my study area. I do this because I feel like a clean environment makes me happy and productive and my schedule includes times for breaks and walks.

Paulus Shilomboleni, a student

5. Do not overwhelm yourself

I believe that one should take baby steps and work at your own pace in completing the work as we have enough time to do it.

Panduleni Shatilwe, a grade 12 learner

6. Avoid external distractions

I deleted all unnecessary apps and set reminders. I have informed my friends which time they can contact me  and most importantly I  have notes to remind me of my goals.

Maria Amwaandangi, a grade 10 learner

Additionally, factors such as proper network access, a comfortable and motivating space, an appropriate playlist are equally important.

These are all important tips. They may not all work for you. However, mental health and planning are aspects that you must not neglect.

*Image from Pinterest

Wilka Tsetuna

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