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Have you ever tried jamming all the things you had to do in a limited time frame and ended up stressing, because you overestimated your multitasking abilities? Of course, you have. Don’t we all?

We are so accustomed to this fast-paced lifestyle that it is completely normal to us, but little do we know, we are causing more harm to ourselves than good.  We spread ourselves too thin and barely have time for ourselves. 

When you overschedule, you subject yourself to additional pressure. Apart from being stressed, you can suffer from exhaustion which can lead to you not performing at your peak. Stress on its own can have a negative affect on your body which will consequently take a toll on your mental health and reduce your productivity. No one likes to feel inadequate, but if you are always in hurry to complete a task and not putting in sufficient effort, you are bound to produce mediocre results.

Some people associate their self-worth to how productive they are. This isn’t a healthy mindset to have if you are working yourself into the ground; there has to be a balance between how much you can accomplish in a day and how much you can endure. Constantly worrying if you are doing enough and stressing about your workload can lead to you becoming depressed and experiencing anxiety.

Overscheduling is a by-product of stressing, which is why you need to make time to relax and recharge your mind. There is nothing sleep can’t solve. To avoid crashing and burning, we all need to slow down. This is where time management and planning makes a grand entrance. We all need to learn how prioritize as well. Practicing self-discipline is crucial to you living healthier too.

The movies and shows you are watching are not going anywhere.

Just as your body needs a break from time to time, so does your mind. One cannot co-exist without the other.  

Be kinder to your minds and bodies!

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Francineth Kate Bauleth

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