We now live in a world were humanity is mistaken for materialistic things. According to many, who you are is determined by what you have and your appearances.

Nowadays, people are judged based on their outer appearance than their inner appearance. Is a person’s humanity supposed to be measured by their appearances and what they have? This should definitely not be the case.

Many of us ask ourselves what is humanity? Humanity is defined as the qualities that make us human or the feelings that we have towards one another as humans. Qualities that make us human are such as the ability to love, be creative, have compassion and being yourself. However, all these qualities have lost their meanings in our generation. It is no longer the same as materialistic things are being loved while humans are being used. Love does not exist amongst us anymore because it has all become a matter of what one can obtain from another in terms of materials.

Compassion has been lost by many. This is quite evident in cases were accidents are occurring within our communities, majority of us opt to take pictures and videos rather than offering assistance were we can. Even if you can’t offer assistance what could you possibly use those terrifying images and videos for? It seems like we no longer feel remorse towards each other in our generation.

People are no longer being themselves nor being creative as they are busy following trends.

Diversity amongst ourselves and our capabilities no longer exists because people are scared of being called names such as “boring” or “old school” . What happened to our generation? Why can we not be considerate, tolerant, kind, humane and sympathetic towards one another?

Everyone has the right too experience their own reality, live their own destiny and be themselves without being judged or criticized.

Dear fellow young people of our generation,

let us learn to love and support one another rather than breaking each other up. Let us allow other people to be their unapologetic selves.

Selma Ndasilohenda Iyambo

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  1. Wow Selma. Wonderful article you’re right I wish people could be more assistive and love one another at all times. Keep up the good work, we’re waiting for more.

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