Gunshots, gunshots, gunshots!

I’m sure by now you know what I’m on about. It’s finesse time and you know it’s about to be a vibe and a half when Instagram notifies you that DJ Dreas is officially live. Are you ready to finesse?

The show, 5MinuteFinesse was a culmination of the great minds of Skrypt the rapper and DJ Dreas, who we’ve all come to know as powerhouses within their various genres of music.

Now, along with a bright idea to bring the people together and time on their hands, Dreas also took to the social media streets to find local and international talents who graced us with performance after performance, giving us 3 seasons of pure energy and of course gunshots. These acts graced us with bars, great showmanship and of course a laugh or two along the way. It goes without saying, it was quite the quaran-ting and everyone in the comment section can agree.

I got to speak to some of the creatives behind 5MinuteFinesse as well as some of the acts that stood out and this is what they had to say:

DJ DREAS – @djdreas_na


 What do you think attributed most to the success of the show?

We had to persevere  through a few episodes that weren’t the best but other than that,we have a loyal fan-base for the show. These are people who keep wanting to come together through music and have a great time in the comments. This is more than just an online show, I keep saying that this is a culture for us, by us and the fact that the numbers keep growing with each season proves that.

With the show having had 3 successful seasons, what do you think was your highlight from every season?

Season one is a highlight for just being the first season at this point. Looking back to where the show started and where it is now is crazy.  The gentleman that came on and said a short prayer for the #5minfinesse family in season 2 shook that season up. We didn’t expect that to happen,but it was a pleasant surprise. When I think season 3,the highlights are all the established acts we’ve had,both local and international. Season 3 was also the season we got the highest number of viewers.  Our favorite industry heads entertaining us while we discover the hidden talent was beautiful to experience. We also get to send a Namibian artist to Rocking The Daisies now and that’s what the show is about. 

Throughout the show, what were some things that really stood out to you?

Each season had its own set of things that stood out as i mentioned earlier and it gets better with each season. We didn’t anticipate such growth in terms of viewer numbers and various local brand affiliations. It’s great. 

What was the initial thought around 5MinuteFinesse?

It happened without much prior planning, or initial thinking behind it. But it inspired something that goes beyond just providing online entertainment. #5minfinesse is a culture, a community. 

5MinuteFinesse had a large fan-base and pulled the numbers in season 3. What do you think brought the numbers up in the recent season compared to the first?

The Twitter engagement is like attending a show and talking about it with the people who went there, the next morning, which is exactly what happens.  This is what I think made it easier for us to get the attention of established artists, both local and international. Because they have large followings, their fans start watching the show and that’s how the family keeps growing,organically

Skrypt – @skryptmusic


What do you think attributed most to the success of 5MinuteFinesse?

I think #5MinFinesse is raw. People like it because its real. And a mini community has been built around it. You never know what you’re going to get on that live so that helps build anticipation.

With the show having had 3 successful seasons so farm what do you consider your personal highlight?

My personal highlight is just finding out about cool lyricists out there. CNDN and Fonzo really impressed me. A highlight that probably went unnoticed is the famous beat. 

Throughout the show, what was something that stood out to you?

The comment section. Namibians are insanely creative. I know some may say some of the comments were over the top but I knew it was all in good taste.

What was the initial thought around 5MinuteFinesse?

I wouldn’t know what inspired Dreas to put it together. I just got a notification from him asking me to go on IG live. So that’s what I did. We did the very first finesse and already I could see what he was trying to do. The whole idea and concept is the brilliance of DJ Dreas.

5MinuteFinesse had a large fan-base and pulled big numbers in season 3. What do you think brought the numbers up in the recent season compared to the first?

The South African artists definitely brought their numbers. We can appreciate that and be thankful for it but it’s also good to note the audience retention. Twitter also really pushed it as the seasons progressed.

Lastly, who is your ideal feature from the show and why?

Focalistic, I’ve been working on something for him and Kwesta on my new EP. But I think Fonzo and I can make a TUNE as well. Time will tell.

All in all, 5MinuteFinesse has been an amazing show filled with memorable performances. It definitely tested the ability of African acts to pitch up and show out for their fans, putting both Namibian and other countries at large on the map. If it wasn’t already evident that the show was a success, then it is now. All good things come to an end but surely DJ Dreas has more up his sleeve for us? Only time and finesse will tell what Dreas has to offer.

Until then, are you ready to finesse?

Ndapanda Ambata

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