By Ethan Januarie.

Dressing well is a skill and like any other skill, you can learn it and improve. Today I’m sharing with you Street Style Fashion for guys who want to dress better and dominate this world by their existence. Whether you’re a beginner or have been working on your style for a while, I’m sure this will help you out. Styling is about rocking new looks with only one pair of clothing without having to spend hundreds.

REMEMBER, you don’t start with confidence to improve your style. Your confidence grows as you work to improve your style.

Ethan Januarie.

Semi-formal Wear.

This is my go-to semi formal wear which you can wear anytime. As you can see I chose a simple check button up shirt, similar to the pair of jeans that compliments my skin tone. Fit is the most important thing when it comes to great style. When clothes don’t fit properly, they throw off your body proportions.

Ethan Januarie

Casual Wear.

I used the same pair of jeans & shoes for my casual wear. Wearing solid colors like this plain black shirt is going to make you look 10Γ— more mature and serious that’s why I don’t recommend T-shirts with large logos and wild prints on. But learn to take it not so serious (AKA have fun, it’s just clothes!)

Ethan Januarie

The Swap” Trick

You can look effortlessly stylish rocking the previous black shirt with some joggers and boots for a casual event. I added the button up shirt to give more meaning to the look. I have to say, this look is totally new for me but it’s because I used “The Swap” Trick. It basically means that I introduced a new trendy colour (blue) into my wardrobe that I thought I would never wear. Be creative and try it out! The great thing is that this is a simple swap and this just adds to why solid colors is better.

Ethan Januarie

Casual + Formal = Stylish

Focus on buying classic essentials such as a pair of black skinny jeans, because you can mix it up with both casual & formal wear. I kinda went more old school with this one. Wearing a button up shirt over a plain vest with some skinnies and Vans. You don’t always have to follow trends because these get outdated later on. Make up your own style and stand out from the crowd!

Ethan Januarie

Formal Wear.

When it comes to the formal section, I would prefer black. Black projects independence, strong-willingness & determination which is important for us guys. That’s why black is my go-to colour. You don’t have to spend much buying formal clothes. Stick to solid neutral colors (ex. Black, White, Grey, Brown). And Lastly, buy the best quality you can get for your budget.

Ethan Januarie

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Afterbreak Magazine is a Namibian Youth Magazine that strives to be the leading young adult platform that educates, empowers and entertains the Namibian youth to form a community of growth.



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