Apparently tough times never last, but unfortunately for the seniors, tough times have been lasting this year. In light of the current pandemic, a lot of uncertainty has been going on regarding whether or not the learners will complete their academic year. Meaning, none of us are sure about what is going to happen which is not sitting well with most matriculants of 2020.

Afterbreak Magazine consists mostly of matriculants and therefore, we decided to talk about how it feels like being a matric during this hard time.

Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba – Editor

I was never in a position whereby I questioned my education and it honestly isn’t a great feeling, because the moment your education is questioned, your future is questioned as well. We were literally about to cross the finishing line and then this happened. Wow. But many learners are taking this opportunity to catch up with school work because there was tons of pressure on grade 12 learners as exams were approaching a week in advance. So on the bright side learners took this as a golden ticket to ensure that all their work is up to date, however, momentum honesty is not at its peak right now, due to the fact that there is currently so much uncertainty surrounding our academics. Therefore this pandemic has also made me very lazy, because not having classes 24/7 and teachers to run after us, lol is not helping. I truly hope that we get to write out NSSC this year because completing grade 12 on time was the goal. But if push comes to shove and we can only complete next year, I guess I will have to accept that as well. Because trading off our studies for our health is a legitimate trade-off. 

Rejoyce Ambata- Contributor

The hardest part about being a senior in the midst of a pandemic is that the future is uncertain. Yes, E-learning, and yes, self-study but this is the year in which we need all the motivation our parents and teachers can give. The problem with E-learning is that even though its accessible, its really only for those who have the means, leaving 2/3 of the matriculants out of the loop. On the end, my biggest hope is that this pandemic is over by June so school can resume. 

Lerato Komomungondu- Contributor

I will be honest, I’m not sure if I even feel anything seeing that I wasn’t so enthusiastic about being a SENIOR this year. The idea of sharing our privileges with grade 11’s wasn’t bad, I mean look where we are now. 
Despite my enormous efforts of being focused on my school work during this uncertain time studying has become discouraging for me. What’s going to happen? Everything is so complicated and I somewhat believe that this is a test of SELF DISCIPLINE.
How I wish I could make up for everything.

Francineth Bauleth- Contributor

As a senior during these trying times; my heart and mind are at war. I know that education is a quintessential part of our lives, but this is the first time since I have begun my educational career that I can honestly say that I am resting and taking care of myself. I have anxiety about my future because I am unsure about how it will shape out. At the same time, I’m using this break from society to focus on my mental wellbeing and on my happiness.

Wilka Kayoko- Contributor

This time has me feeling nostalgic and terrified. It has me questioning myself and the system and I am struggling to keep up with my school work and other work that have to do compared to when I am at school. I miss my school environment and community. I looked forward to many events this year such as launches, sports and cultural events and many more. However, this time serves as a reminder that God has a plan for everything in our lives.

Rejoice Amutenya- Founder & Editor in Chief

If there was something I was looking forward to completing this year, it was my grade 12. Not mentioning the events we had in store, making endless memories with friends and looking forward to PROM. I am obsessed with planning and knowing that I already planned at what age I was going to matriculate (18) and get a bachelor’s degree (22), I was ready to take on the challenges that I was going to come across but COVID-19 was not in sight. I have come to accept it which made me realise that I lack self-discipline when it came to doing my school work and adhering to the schedule I have set for myself. Things were so much easier when teachers had to run after me but all in all, I just hope and pray I make it out alive.

Once things go back to normal, make every moment you spend with your friends and families count AND live in the moment!

Surround yourself with positivity!

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Afterbreak Magazine is a Namibian Youth Magazine that strives to be the leading young adult platform that educates, empowers and entertains the Namibian youth to form a community of growth.



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