With the country going into the second phase of lockdown which coincidentally merges with Taurus season, it’s only right that a fellow Taurus gives tips on how to survive the lockdown, especially during your birthday. Here are some tips to help you be within your birthday bag this quarantine.

The thing about birthdays is usually how to make them feel better than the last, and with quarantine, we all know this birthday will be like no other. The difference is that here at Afterbreak, we believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The right playlist.

We all know that music maketh the mood, so you ultimately need a playlist designed by the gods of vibe-checking to make sure you’re within your bag on your birthday. The best place to start is Deezer, along with Soundcloud, Shazam, and of course YouTube. Remember to keep your playlist nostalgic, creative and definitely something for the yout‘!

Throw a Party – Virtually!

From Netflix Party to House Party, you can’t possibly go wrong with turning up in the comfort of your own home. There’s so many fun interactive games on Houseparty that you can play with friends as well as a multitude of shows you can Netflix and chill with while practicing social distancing. So go ham, and remember, if all else fails, Instagram lives have always been the most effective plan B.

Birthday Messages and Shoutouts

Read all of them, take the time to enjoy the fact that today’s about you and the fact that you’ve been on earth long enough for it to rotate 365 days consecutively around the sun. Flood your Instagram, your Facebook, your WhatsApp and your Twitter even!

And as for me, I did it a bit simpler this year. With the help of my sister, I had a mini-birthday shoot which is featured on my Instagram. But just for interest’s sake, here are some of my favourite birthday flicks:

It only happens once a year, so take that time to reflect, grow, and be within your new bag, because you’ll only be this old for 366 days. Birthdays are so special and no matter the circumstances, celebrate as best you can while understanding that your health and that of others should come first. Nonetheless, it’s Taurus season and we all know this is really where the best energy is at!

Don’t forget to share your favourite birthday flicks with the hashtag #ABQuarantings !

Ndapanda Ambata

Ndapanda, or Rejoyce, either one works for me. Hi, I'm your next favourite podcaster and writer. I am passionate about what I do, how I do it and who it impacts on a large scale. Writing has always been my first love, it is through this that I'm changing lives and growing as both a youth activist and a young generation z with so much that lies ahead of her! I'm fierce and focused, and ready to share all I know with those around me.

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