All of us battle with the way we view our bodies. We think that we are broken or inferior when we cannot emulate the standards that society has placed on the human body.

Growing up, we are told that we should look a certain way if we want to be part of the cool kids.  Both girls and guys have to deal with body image issues. Girls are expected to either have an hourglass figure or to be tall and slender like a typical runway model. Guys are expected to have either bulging muscles or at least have a six-pack.

Having a negative body image can take a drastic toll on your health. Body Image Disturbance is complex and much more than just “I hate or love my body”. The dissatisfaction can range from a little to a severe body-hatred, and the poor body image can be tied to self-esteem issues, depression and eating disorders. Our perception of our body plays a pivotal role in our self-esteem.

If you are having feelings of shame, anxiety and self-consciousness about your body, it is most likely you have body image issues. If you are frequently comparing your body to other’s and you experience dissatisfaction with how your body looks, you definitely have body image issues.

But listen, you can learn to be at peace with your body. The first step is unlearning what society has taught you to perceive as the “perfect body”. The next step is to have patience with yourself and acceptance of your body. This will not happen overnight, it will take time and understanding.  Start off slowly and remind yourself that even if you don’t outright love your body, you appreciate it for what it does for you. Tell yourself that even if you don’t look like your counterparts on Instagram, it is fine by you. Look yourself in the mirror once in a while and identify one thing that you like about your body.

The ultimate goal is to get comfortable with your body.

Francineth Bauleth

Be your most individual and authentic self. Don’t let others dictate your self-worth and don’t let them make you an enemy of yourself.  You have a difficult journey ahead of you; one that will be filled with doubt. You may relapse into your old ways of thinking, but as long as you check yourself and act as your own mirror, you’ll do great sweetie!

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Francineth Kate Bauleth

Hello there, my name is Francineth Bauleth. I am 18 years old and I would like to see myself as an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. I enjoy reading and writing. Writing makes me feel at home and that is why I love writing for Afterbreak Magazine. Being a contributor for this magazine has always been my dream and I can say dreams truly do come true.

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