Today marks the first day as we enter Stage 2 of partial lockdown which is a gradual re-opening under Strict Precautions which comes to an end on the 2nd of June.

With that, comes the urge for all members of the public to wear face masks in public spaces which should be cloth face masks but being an active user on social media, I have been seen my peers and a fellow doctor post the picture below, which is misleading the rest of the youth.

I decided to take this upon myself because I knew there was no way our government can advise us to wear a cloth mask while it has 0% of preventing the virus.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), homemade masks are effective and should be put to use. They further emphasize that people should not wear N-95 respirators or surgical masks- healthcare professionals need these masks to stay safe as they help patients who might carry the virus unknowingly.

Let’s learn scrutinize information before believing and sharing it.

-Rejoice Amutenya

The homemade masks do not only slow the spread of the virus but help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.

However, with these masks comes responsibilities.

  • After every use, you should wash your face mask with soap and hot water.
  • Be careful not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth when removing your face mask.
  • Wash hands immediately after removing.

Stop the spread of misinformation by fact-checking everything you read online before you share with anyone.

-The Giving Tree
The Washington Post

With the above being said, if you haven’t purchased a face mask yet, we have designers out there sewing masks that go for as little as N$20.00. Lets refrain from ordering online and support local.


Rejoice Amutenya

Hello! I am Rejoice Amutenya, a 17 year that currently attends Windhoek High School. I am the Founder and Editor in Chief for Afterbreak Magazine.

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