Crocs made their way back onto the streets and are currently having their moment. I would like to think that they are here to stay because THEY ARE SUPER COMFY. Sometimes I wonder if comfortable is really the word to use because, if I had a choice, they would be part of my school uniform. Thinking of how far my classes are from each other and the stairs?! A whole fitness exercise.

I mean we can all agree that we got angry at a point when our parents bought us crocs at the age of 7 because those things were really that UGLY… but becoming the epitome of ugliness was not the end. THEY MADE THEIR WAY BACK, just like that.

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Here is 5 reasons you should get yourself a pair of crocs:

1. They are soft and comfortable.

Complete epitome of comfort. Every step you take is like you are walking on a sturdy cloud.

2. Everyone will want to be your friend.

When someone sees that youโ€™re wearing crocs, they canโ€™t help but already know youโ€™re a chilled person.

3. They are water proof.

Yes, they are water proof! A good bargain right there.

4. You can dress them up!

They come in all sorts of vibrant colours. Going to a concert or diner, crocs never fail you.

5. They bring happiness.

Crocs are beauties. They bring you joy. Don’t argue with me, just do the right thing and get yourself a pair.

You can get them at Crocs Namibia situated in Maerua Mall.

Source: Pinterest

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