Nothing is more impressive than a guy who knows how to dress. Lets be honest, aesthetics might as well count as part of your first impression, second impression, third impression… you get the point. It is therefore advised to always have your drip on point and here are some essentials to help you build your wardrobe. 

1. Lets start off with the simple but effective. A plain white T-shirt.

Not only does this make you look clean but it also highlights your physique. Personally, I like to pair them with some dark or light blue jeans but a white Tee is very versatile and pretty much goes with anything. 

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2. Jeans. Jeans. Jeans.

Talking about jeans, you need to have at least one pair in your closet that stands out from the competition. Take your time and search online for some jeans with that cool extra style next time you go shopping. These are usually found on the pricey end but its worth it .  

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3. A Suit!

Another essential is a suit. If you are someone who doesn’t regularly go to events that require you to suit up, then one or two suits could be enough. Make sure you pair them up with some good shoes too, I recommend Chelsea boots.

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4. Are you even a person if you don’t own sweatpants?

The good ol’ sweatpants are next on the list. Man’s best friend, not a single guy (and girl) can live without sweats. They are the definition of comfortability and you name it. PS: it doesn’t matter which colour they come in but grey is def the one.

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5. Sneakers!

Last but not least we have the ‘One for all’ sneaker. This is that sneaker that goes with almost all of your outfits. They are usually black or white in colour. 

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Owen Phiri-Mlia

21 Year old Malawian, currently studying and living in Namibia.

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