Fake news has become an everyday thing now. We see it on WhatsApp statuses, Instagram stories, Twitter feeds and many more places. The thing is though, how do we tell the difference? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Most often, specifically in Namibia, people use Instagram stories to edit text from News Accounts. If you’re feeling skeptical about whether or not something is true, look out for the following:


1. Highlighted text

When text is added using Instagram stories, there is often a slightly visible highlight behind the added text, and sometimes, the text is not level with the original.


In this photo, the lower post is fake news and it is easily seen by the highlight and the difference in levels of the words “arrested while holding SWAPO”.



2. Font styles

News pages typically stick to using one specific font style on their graphics. Once you get used to it, it’s easy to differentiate real news from fake news.


The photo on the left is an original post from The Namibian’s Facebook page while the one on the right is an edited post, which is fake. See the difference in font styles?





3. Language, Grammar and Topic

Looking at the language, grammar and topic of a news post is the easiest way to determine if it might be fake. News agencies do not post information that is ridiculous, such as a post I saw circulating that The President of Namibia appointed Kahili as a minister. Secondly, news agencies will not publish a post with multiple grammatical errors such as misplaced commas, lack of quotation marks and no full stops, period. See what I did there?

Those are the signs you should look out for when you see news circulating.

One last tip is to visit credible news websites and social media accounts to see if the news you saw circulating shows up. If it doesn’t the news is fake.

Please keep those tips in mind and refrain from sharing fake news, it can create so much confusion and unnecessary panic.

Mehafo Amunyela

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