I am so excited to be back again to spill the tea about what you can expect in the Marvelous Month of the May issue.

I usually thank the readers towards the end, but I want to do it differently this time. I think it is imperative that I express my gratitude towards all the energy we receive from you, our followers. We appreciate you all for taking your devices, browsing through our content and the little comments you leave behind. This is what keeps us going, so we are thankful for that and we will continue sharing our stories.

I would also like to remind our readers that a very special day is approaching and that is the day we celebrate our superheros; Mother’s Day and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to spoiling our birth and caregivers.

Afterbreak Magazine has a pretty cool article that will help you out when deciding on what to do for your mother on this special day “Spending Mother’s Day- lockdown style!

But since it’s “Season 3 of lockdown”, try to make this Mother’s Day a little bit more special and different.

On the line up, we also have an article on how to differentiate between real and fake news which is of vital importance because the youth seems to be believing fake news. We also have a lil something for the guys; essentials you all should have in your wardrobe.

I am sure y’all have seen the comeback of crocs, right? We have an article on the, go check it out!

Undoubtedly, we use social media everyday. Read all the cons that come with it whoch includes the major CON, cyber-bullying.

For all our readers that are learners/students, I hope that you’re finding your way around the new education approach of online learning.  I know it hasn’t been the most effective tool, but I think we can all do it. We just need to remember what made us start in the first place and when you feel like you aren’t coping, think about the learners in unfortunate circumstances and how this issue is effecting them even harder, because it’s not very easy to access reliable technology. But also, when you are struggling to focus, do something you love to get your mind relaxed. I cook, bake, watch series and do my hair and that gets my mind back on track, in fact that was the only way to keep sane during this lockdown.

So I hope we can all find something that truly helps us calm our storms during this time.

Stay tuned for more content this month as you definitely won’t regret it.

Love and light babies. 

Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba

My name is Twapewa-Ashihe Mungoba and I am officially the newly-appointed Editor of Afterbreak Magazine. I attend school at Delta Secondary School Windhoek; grade 12.

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