COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down over the past 3 months, it has altered our daily routines and schedules including our self-care routines. During self-isolation and quarantine, many of us are quite stressed out and tend to focus on the negative. Well, it is time to stop and focus on our glow instead. And hereโ€™s how!ย 

  1. Set up a skincare routine

Due to all the stress and concern of COVID-19, your skin might begin to break out, so it is important to set up a skincare routine that is flexible and one that works for you. Start with the most basic step; wash your face every morning and every night. Moisturise your skin daily and exfoliate at least once a week.Remember to use creams and serums that work for your particular skin type. Lastly, always remember that not all us have clear skin but all of us can have healthy skin. So keep you skin hydrated and get your glow on!

  1. Get moving!

Yes gyms are closed at the moment however this is no excuse to stop exercising. Draw up a solid home workout routine and stick to it. Your workout doesnโ€™t have to be much, just enough to get your blood pumping and to keep you healthy. Physical exercise has been proven to slow down the release of stress hormones and can boost your immune system -which is important during this time.

You glow different when you are actually healthy.

– Ngumeritiza Katjimune
  1. Self-care!

Last, but not least do not forget to look after your mental health. We are facing tough times and our situations can affect our mental health severely. Try to partake in activities that you enjoy, these can be reading, writing or even cooking. If you enjoy binge watching your favourite series on Netflix or meditating ,now is the time to do it. Make time in your day to prioritize yourself by engaging in your favourite activities. Remember you glow different when you are actually happy, so hit that glow.

Quarantine isnโ€™t where you want to be right now, but make the most of it and get your glow on.

Ngumeritiza Katjimune

Hi, I'm Ngume and I'm a contributor at Afterbreak Magazine in Windhoek, Namibia. I am currently a first year student at the University of Namibia, majoring in Biochemistry, Biomedical. In my role as a contributor, I aspire to be a voice for the voiceless and to inspire and motivate the youth.

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