So, are we just gonna pretend like we aren’t even a wee grateful for Ms Rona? Though she has caused devastation and disruption in our normal life cycles, she indisputably gave us something worth having; ample time. Now you can see to it that you get all those things you said you’d do ‘if you just had the time’ done.

You might catch yourself wondering what to do with all this time on your hands. You’ve slept enough, its become boring. You have been on all your newsfeeds, its become repetitive. What you haven’t done yet, though, is catch up with all that school work. While I believe the grade 12’s and below have a clear way on how their education will move forward, university students don’t truly know what’s up. Alas, completing assignments is not part of our “Wake-up, Eat, Bath, Sleep, Repeat” to-do list.

Because we are constantly checking on so many things, our mental health is usually the last thing we think about. Take this time to declutter and think about what is truly important. This may be deleting those numbers that you are still holding on to, those pictures you are keeping ‘in case’ and probably even that person you haven’t cut off yet.

All of these contribute to an unhealthy, toxified mental state. Start a bullet journal of gratification, watch YouTube videos on how to improve your mental health and read articles on Psychology and the Mind. Set a plan for the mid-year going forward and surround yourself with positive energy.

Be selfish enough to decide which vibes you allow in your space. 

– Gina Kandanga

While shifting your focus on what matters to you, you may find that you would like to mend some fractured relationships. Why not get back in touch with that friend you never texted since you left primary school or high school? You will not realise it, but people do appreciate having someone to talk to once in a while.

If you’re one of those that was always on the run with friends and hardly stayed home for hours on end, perhaps now is the time to get to know your parents and or guardians. Sit with them for a cup of tea in the morning and have a conversation, crack jokes and walk down memory lane. You might realise they are much cooler than you thought. 

And if that still isn’t something you’re up for, then this list should do the trick: 

  • Start an organization or 31-day challenge
  • Try out art and crafts
  • Try out new books and music genres
  • Make time for TV and movies
  • Get yourself centred and grow spiritually

And for all other ideas unlisted that you have, don’t forget to tag us and show us how you are spending your time not doing assignments.

Gina Kandanga

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April 2020