Due to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, many people have been advised to go into self-isolation to prevent themselves from contracting/ spreading the virus. While most people are complaining about how boring and lonely self-isolation may be, you can easily turn it into your “me” time.

Here are some ways on how to do so:

  1. Improve your mental health:

Our mental states are one of the important things we forget to focus on because we are usually too occupied during the day and too tired during the evening. One way to improve your mental health is to meditate, connect with your inner self (you might end up finding your true self). Another way is to write down things you are grateful for, this makes you complain less and you end up appreciating what you have.

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  1. Exercise

There is nothing more people want than a healthy body. Self-isolation may be the perfect time to get your dream body or get back in shape. Physical health also improves your mental health.

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  1. ‘Binge’

We are always complaining about how we don’t get time to relax and do the things that we love. Self-isolation can be the perfect time to finish all the episodes of your favourite series, finish that novel, finish that crossword and catch up with old friends.

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There are a lot of things you can do during self-isolation like makeovers, cleaning up and more. But most of all don’t forget to stay indoors, wash your hands, stay hydrated and take a sneak peak at your school books once in a while.

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