It is no secret that where there’s people, there’s food. Picnics are one way to get people outside and socialise while enjoying each other’s company and good food. For this issue, our contributor, Gina Kandanga, spoke to Dial a Picnic to get to know the brains behind this brilliant initiative and what they hope fellowmen can innovate as well.

Who is behind the brand “Dial A Picnic?

We are Rosa Ithindi and Sesilia Kauluma.

What exactly do you guys do?

Well, we organise a variety of picnics according to different clients’ specifications. All we request from them is the payment and then from there onwards, we take care of everything else.

Where did this idea come from?

We were brainstorming fresh business ideas that we felt Windhoek needed. Then we came to the conclusion that Dial a Picnic would contribute to the variety of entertainment options in the capital.

Instagram: @dialapicnic

How were you able to reach your target market?

We reached our target market through advertising on social media and relying on our connections. We also made use of friends and family to promote through word of mouth.

Is there anything else, apart from organizing picnics, you guys do?

Even though we are currently both first year students and should focus on our academics, we are working on more exciting business ventures for the public. 

Instagram: @dialapicnic

Do you think there are other areas lacking in society that would use an initiative as good as Dial n Picnic?

We strongly feel that the entertainment industry could do with more frequent events such that the youth feels more included in the day-to-day Windhoek lifestyle. For instance, a massive group of people were looking forward to the Burna Boy concert. Although we understand the reasons behind its cancellation, we shouldn’t just have these types of events once a year. Plus, the way we see it is that the SME sector is targeted towards the older generation, therefore new initiatives should be youth-orientated.

What are the different locations or does the customer offer their house/ apartment?

We provide locations upon request, however we’re also willing to set up at our clients places, if that’s what they would prefer.

Our packages are as follows:

  • Minimalistic- which is N$450 for 2 people and N$100 per additional person.
  • Classic romantic- which is N$550.
  • Friends and Family- which is N$750 for 6 people or less, N$150 for an extra 2 people
  • Health-conscious- which is N$850 for 2 people and N$100 per additional person.
  • And lastly, the Luxurious- for N$1000 for 2 people and N$150 per additional person.

Do you think Dial a Picnic would collaborate with Afterbreak Magazine in future?

We would definitely love to collaborate with ABMag in the future. We’re always open to new opportunities. Building clientele is one of our top priorities.

So the next time you want to have a date with bae or with a group of friends OR even surprise someone, Dial A Picnic is here to cater for your needs!

Instagram: @dialapicnic

Check out their Instagram, @dialapicnic.

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March 2020