A model, a motivational speaker, a public speaker, a master of ceremonies and the founder and chairman of the Swakopmund Youth Organization is all in one person.

I got the privilege to interact with Johnathan Harris and let’s just say, I was left intrigued.

How was your day? How are you distancing yourself due to this pandemic?

Well, my day was great. I love Sundays because my family usually comes together for brunch. About the pandemic, I’m finding it challenging because I’m a social person. Plus, the planning for Miss Teen Swakopmund 2020 is also backtracked.

What is going on in your life right now? What are you most excited about?

Mr Miedoso INC 2020! I signed up and took part in the preliminary competition on the 21st of February. The journey so far has been exceptional with exciting and pleasant photo-video shoots, getting to know people as well as growing my social platforms. I follow a workout plan to build muscle tone for the pageant but no diet plan yet. I am also directing the well-known Mr and Miss Teen Swakopmund so that’s exciting.

Image: Instagram @jona.man3000

Is there any pressure that comes along with having such a vast number of followers, given your every move is watched and criticised?

Definitely. There’s a lot of pressure from the public; the youth but especially the haters. When doing something, I’ve told myself that what you do should be for yourself. I also look at it from external perspectives to understand where others are coming from.

What would you like to achieve with your modelling career?

I’d like to go far and reach a larger audience by doing Windhoek Fashion Week. I would also love to model as a brand ambassador or even for clothing stores.

Image: Instagram @jona.man3000

Since most models are concerned with improving the environment, should upcoming models this obligation or can they just be a model for the sake of being on the runway and not necessarily prioritise helping others?

In my opinion, you have to think about advocacy. Something that is for the people and your community.

It’s not just about the title, winning prizes or the fame that comes along with being a model. It’s about using whichever platform presented to engage with the mass and voice concerns and pending issues.

– Johnathan Harris

You also founded the Swakopmund Youth Organization. Why did you decide to establish this?

The main reason behind SYO was because I wanted to make a change in my community by providing the youth with a platform to gain leadership, entrepreneurial and social skills. In 2018 I ran the organisation myself, doing charity projects and fundraising. In 2019 I extended it to the youth and we set up a sitting executive council of 6 people with the rest being members. It was then that I was elected as Chairman. This year I was re-elected and now we continue to do the work we have set out.

Is the initiative limited to Swakopmunders or are teens from other regions also welcome to help?

Teens from all over Namibia can help. We intend to go out and help communities in need with the help of sponsors. If anyone is interested in helping the organization, they can reach out to us via our social platform, be it Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or even call us. We are always willing to listen.

You mentioned the Mr and Miss Teen Swakopmund pageant. Do you think Afterbreak Magazine can be present at the show?

Yes, most definitely. It would be a great honour to have you there.

Image: Instagram @jona.man3000

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