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Iyaloo Magongo is a Social Media Marketer, Business Enthusiast and an Entrepreneur. She is the owner of Iyaloo Digital Marketing Agency, IDMA. She is also the CV queen so who better to help you compile your own CV?

Your CV only has a few seconds to make an impression, so let your personality shine through it.

When writing or updating your CV it is very important to begin by planning out the structure to ensure that it’s logical and cohesive.

Firstly you need to plot out the structure of your CV on a word document which entails of the following:

1. Personal Details

List your phone numbers and your professional email address, refrain from using nicknames on your email address e.g. rather use your name e.g.

2. Personal statement

A personal statement is important, as it summarises your career story in a few sentences also highlighting why your skills are a good match and what you feel you can offer to the employer. Introduce yourself, list your skills and experiences and explain your ambitions for the future.

3. Professional Experience

Provide details of your work history, including any paid work, internship or relevant volunteering work. Format each job in the following order; Job Tittle, Company Name, Dates of employment, Key responsibilities.

4. Education

Keep this relevant, only including your Tertiary and Secondary Education. Highlight your qualifications and remember to include any training courses which relates to the job you are applying for.

5. Achievements

Give a list of your relevant achievements which clearly highlights your suitability for the roles you are applying for.

6. Skills and Competencies

Add a brief bulleted list of your skills, focusing especially on those which are most relevant to the role you are interested in.

7. References

Actual references are rarely included on CVs, unless requested for.

You have come this far and worked hard to craft the perfect CV.

Don’t undersell yourself by forgetting to proofread your CV properly.

Scan for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and once you’re happy with the formatting try converting the document into PDF format which should ensure the formatting stays as you intended.

Having any trouble creating your CV? Contact me on 0818044605 to craft or update your CV. Feel free to drop me your CV for a free review!

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